Zarko Vijatovic was born in 1952 in Washington DC, USA. He lives and works in Paris.

Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Zagreb, painting section.

Group Exhibitions
His works are exhibited in group exhibitions since 1984.
In 1987, he was selected for the Biennale of Contemporary Art: Übergang, Trigon, Graz.
In 1988, he participated in the series of exhibitions about "Ready-mades" in Zagreb.
In 1989, Ida Biard and La Galerie des locataires, invited him to present a conceptual project in the Simplon Express train with Boltanski, Buren, Sarkis, Messenger, Fleischer, etc.
In 1995, the Nikki-Diana Marquardt Gallery he participated in the exhibition "Who Killed Walter Benjamin?", and showed his work about the perception of xenophobia.
In 2007, his images of Paris were exhibited at the Arts Hall of Zagreb (Croatia) , the theme was: “Let us love watching the others?”.
The same year, Paris  Gallery Photo4, chose to show his B & W silver prints in a widescreen format.
In 2008 and 2009, the Galerie Lucie Weill & Seligmann exhibited his color prints in exhibitions Colors I and Colors II.
His work is constantly presented at the Gallerie Photo4 and Galerie Lucie Weill & Seligmann.

Solo Exhibitions
In his solo shows he was at first interested in painting, and then  turned to photography as a medium of conceptual art. In this context, he exhibited at the Salon Dom JNA in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1988 and at the Espace Paul Boye, Sète, in 1995. His works, called "The Mediterranean touches the North”, subtly associated photography and painting.
If at first photography was the medium of his conceptual projects, it gradually became the way of representing reality.
The exhibition "Julije Knifer" at the Gallery OK Palach, in Rijeka (Croatia) in 2006, showed the images of the artist taken during over the period of more than ten years in France from 1992 to 2002.
In 2007, the Galerie Lucie Weill Seligmann presented a series of color prints of the Tuileries gardens under the snow.
In April 2008, at the Gallery Lang, Samobor (Croatia), he exhibited a choice of silver prints in widescreen format.
In September 2008 Josip Vanista published a dozen of his photographs in issue 14 of the arts magazine "Postgorgona".